Matte Black “Magical As F*Ck” Mug




There’s irony in our "magical as f*ck" mug being available with this matte black color changing mug. It’s MAGICAL you guys! The mug has a matte black finish when empty, but as soon as you fill it with that hot beverage goodness, it’ll reveal the design.

Side note: This mug should be hand-washed and shouldn’t be microwaved, since it can damage the magic coating.

• Ceramic
• Black matte finish when cold
• Reveals the print when exposed to hot liquids
• Dimensions: height – 3.85" (9.8 cm), diameter – 3.35" (8.5 cm)
• Made in China. Printed in Europe

Note: that in some instances the coating might not be 100% opaque and an outline of the design might peek through a little.

Additional information

Weight 0.37 oz


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