space champagne launch!

Hello, hello! space champagne has officially launched.

Goals: We want space champagne to be a shop where you can find products that are unique, creative, and celebrate being a feisty woman entrepreneur. The designs here are 100% original because we want you to be inspired and decorate like a #DaySlayer. If you have any requests, feel free to send ’em on over. We can keep them in mind for special edition products 🙂

What types of products will you carry? We soft launched with a handful of designs and products, but we def have plans to expand to more in the near future. Coffee and tea drinkers can find delight in the mugs section, and we have some cozy chair accomplices that can be found in the pillows section. We’ll be expanding to prints and other magical goodness, to be announced soon.

What’s your fave mug? Ummmmm. That’s a tough one. I think *at the moment* my favorite mug is split between two. The Goal Crush mug, and the Magical as F*ck mug (picture below).

goal crush mug

Goal Crush Mug

magical as f*ck mug

Magical as F*ck Mug


Who designs these? We’re a very lean team, and we do all the design work ourselves.

What kinds of things can we look forward to in the future? We’ll be constantly expanding the designs and products we have, but with that, it also means that we’ll be dropping some from the line up to make way for the new. We’ll be announcing when certain items will be leaving the shop (either temporarily or permanently) so you’ll be able to snatch them up. We’ll also be running certain 30 day sales for designs that will basically never be available or back in the shop again. They may be themes, or one-offs. We’ll be announcing all of these 30 day flash sales on our Instagram page.

It seems you like to swear. That’s not really a question? It’s a statement, but if you look at some of our designs, yep, we swear. This isn’t a buttoned up, PG brand. Not that we’re looking to have sailor mouths, *but* we want these to reflect true personalities. Unfiltered. Sometimes tame, sometimes wild. A little feminine and delicate, but with a major edge. Hopefully you find something that resonate with you.

That’s all for now! Again, welcome to space champagne. We’re super happy to be taking this journey with everyone, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you. See anything you like over in the shop?

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